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Started by Dr. Annie Besant in 1913, this college is one of the oldest institutions in the state and has done pioneering work in the field of women's education in India. The college is affiliated to the Banaras Hindu University and offers the 3 years' B.A. (Hons) courses in Arts, Humanities  and Social Sciences, and a one year B. Ed.(teacher-training) course in Education.  The Arts course offers Fine Arts and Performing Arts (vocal Hindustani classical music and sitar). The college also offers a 3-year B. Com (Hons) course. It has about 1000 students ranging in age from 18-22 years, most of whom are day scholars living in the city. The college runs buses to transport them from their homes in Varanasi. There is a hostel on campus called Vasanta Ashram with accommodation for 130 girls coming from other towns in India.

Academic Year

The college year starts in July and ends in April with a three week break during October/November.


The college is aided by the state government, so the tuition fees are negligible -- about $2.00 per month. Lodging and boarding cost around $500 per annum for parents working in India, and $1000 per annum for parents working abroad.


Admissions are made through a common entrance test conducted by the Banaras Hindu University in May each year. Application forms are submitted in January to the Banaras Hindu University. Students who have completed the Grade XII higher secondary exam (equivalent to A levels in England) are eligible. Applicants for the B.Ed. course must have completed B.A.

Visiting Rajghat : The Directions

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