Appeal for donations to the Rajghat Education Centre

The Rajghat Education Centre of the  Krishnamurti Foundation India is seeking donations for the following :

School Scholarships To award scholarships to deserving students who cannot afford to pay the full fee for studying in the Rajghat Besant School.

$ 1,000 ( =Rs. 50,000) supports one student for one year.

Solar Energy for Hostels The school uses firewood for heating water for students to bathe in winters. Since this leads to deforestation it is proposed to install a solar energy heating system backed with electricity in all the hostels. Estimated cost $50,000 (=Rs 25,00,000)

Female Ward for Sanjeevan Hospital It is proposed to add a child and maternity welfare section to our rural hospital which treats the economically deprived villagers in our vicinity free of cost.

Suggested Donation: $10,000 (=Rs 500,000)

Free Mid-day meal for girl-students in the village Primary School  The Krishnamurti Foundation India runs a Rural Centre in Rajghat, Varanasi to provide primary education, healthcare and vocational training to the deprived villagers living in the vicinity of our campus. The villagers do not send female children to the school as the girls are used to help at home. The provision of free meals in the school enables the girls to be educated. Suggested donation: $5000 (=Rs 2,50,000) for one year.

Afforestation  The Rajghat Education Centre has a project for afforestation of the land surrounding its campus. Suggested donation: $1000 (=Rs 50,000 per year)

Donations made in USA are entitled to tax-exemption if they are sent to "KFI Rajghat Education Centre" 8405 Plover St., Kalamazoo, MI. 49002 (Attention : Dr. K.M. Jain MD, Tel : (800) 448-9684, (616) 226-5200). 

If tax-exemption is not desired they can be remitted directly to our bank account no. 320037 with Union Bank of India (Bank code 53/8353), Rajghat Branch, Varanasi 221001, India or sent by cheque in favour of "KFI Rajghat Education Centre", Rajghat Fort, Varanasi 221001, India (Attention : Prof. P.Krishna, Secretary).

Visiting Rajghat : The Directions

Please follow this link to get detailed instructions for visiting the Rajghat Education Centre.

For further information, please contact us at:

The Secretary,
Rajghat Education Centre,
Krishnamurti Foundation India,
Rajghat Fort,

Tel + 91-542-2440336 / 2440717  

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